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Access Control Growth

It’s fantastic to see the substantial growth and success of the TMB’s access control department over the past 12 months! A 107% year-on-year increase in sales is a remarkable achievement. Doubling the capacity in key areas such as Engineering, Project Management, and Sales/Account Management reflects a proactive approach to handling the increased demand and ensuring continued growth.

The fact that the SALTO product remains a firm favourite among customers is a positive sign. It suggests that the access control products we offer are meeting or exceeding customer expectations, contributing to the overall success of our department. We continually assess the scalability of our operations, ensure customer satisfaction is maintained, and explore opportunities for further expansion or product enhancement. Additionally, staying attuned to market trends and customer feedback will be crucial in sustaining and building upon this success.

Congratulations to everyone at TMB on these achievements and let’s continue to build on this success.

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