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TMB are an approved Technology Partner to Ascom, the leading provider of mobile communications to hotels, and can provide VoWiFi, DECT and intelligent messaging systems.

As an accredited Ascom Technology Partner, TMB are able to design, deploy and support all Ascom solutions within your hotel. From intelligent and discreet messaging to voice services, using VoWiFi or IP DECT which can be incorporated into your existing telephone system. With a wide range of handsets available TMB are the perfect partner to provide the best solution to your hotel.

Available in 3 models (Talker, Messenger, Protector) this handset has a colour display, is Bluetooth enabled for headsets, 100-hour battery life, IP44 rated and may be used with location services systems.

Ascom Phone 2.0

With its HD 5” touchscreen, the Ascom Myco 3 offers an easy user interface for managing calls, alerts, photos, messages, scores, waveforms and other critical information. The hot-swap battery helps ensure constant operation throughout long shifts.

Ascom Phone

Ascom building management solutions work like the best hotel staff: discreetly and without a fuss. This is in large part due to Ascom’s intelligent messaging systems—solutions that send, bundle, divert and escalate text and voice communications directly to an employee’s handset.

Ascom Technical Alarms

TMB are able to provide all Ascom handsets and equipment for VoWiFi, IP DECT, DECT and intelligent building and technical alarm solutions. We are also trained in the design, supply and support of all systems.

Ascom Tech Partner


Expertise and support for all Ascom systems.