Voice & Broadband Services

Navigating you through options to recieve the best solution

Voice & Broadband options

The list of voice and broadband options available to hotels is growing by the day and includes ADSL, FTTC, leased line, ISDN, analogue and SIP. We can help you decide which option is right for you and can install and maintain the service on your behalf.

Hotel Voice Services

We offer a highly competitive range of voice services including lines, calls and mobile packages. We are also able to provide free calls from your landline to your mobile phones and vice versa.


Our specialism in the sector means we can tailor the most appropriate broadband service to your circumstances. We frequently help hotels solve broadband issues involving ADSL, satellite, Ethernet circuits as well as fibre optic and EFM.

Service Desk

All our services are supported by our friendly Service Desk, who are quick to deal with any problem that arises. Customers often comment on how sympathetic and responsive the team are. We fully recognise the impact of any downtime to a hotel and work  promptly to restore it

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