Southwater Event Group

Maintaining business class Wifi across multiple sites

Case Study

The Southwater Event Group operates a number of locations in Telford, Shropshire including the 152 room Holiday Inn Telford / Ironbridge, the neighbouring 101 room International Hotel, the 90 room Grays Hotel and the 15,000 sq metre event space of the International Centre, Telford (TIC).

The Holiday Inn and International Hotel were early adopters of complete building coverage Wifi, being the launch customer of TMB Systems’ Wifi service offering in 2004. TIC followed in 2006 with the final piece of the ubiquitous Wifi coverage jigsaw completed at Grays Hotel in 2007.

With the explosive growth in Wifi usage for conference delegates, the connectivity to the internet is under constant review and a gigabyte internet connection has recently been installed at the TIC with onwards local links to the two neighbouring hotels.


Commenting on the internet system, David Wycherley Group Facilities Manager for Southwater Events Group comments – “As the peak internet usage at TIC and the hotels are at different times of the day, ie hotel usage is mostly in the evenings when the TIC is closed, so we have been able to fully utilise the new gigabit connection to offer a superior service to both conference delegates at the TIC and our hotel guests.”

“Grays Hotel currently only has a broadband internet connection but we are in the process of investigating connecting the hotel to the main gigabyte link to offer a similar enhanced Wifi service to guests at the hotel.”

“In 2004, one in 10 guests were utilising Wifi for simple email and web browsing but now we know that every guest carries a Wifi enabled device and in many cases multiple devices, that they wish to use to access streaming content such as BBC iPlayer and YouTube. As a result we have continued our investment in our Wifi systems and recently upgraded to the latest TMB Systems’ HSMX internet gateway solution to increase both the throughput and the simultaneous use capacity to maintain our business class Wifi service to our hotel guests and conference delegates alike”.

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