Mitel in Focus

TMB Systems were already a key supplier of the Wifi system to the entire Real Hotel Group.

Case Study

The ten initial Focus Hotels burst onto the UK Hotel landscape from the ashes of the collapsed Real Hotel Group in February 2009.  TMB Systems were already a key supplier of the Wifi system to the entire Real Hotel Group.

Linda Cowdry head of IT for Focus Hotels, who joined from Real Hotels, comments “I was woken by an early morning phone call from Tony Burton, the managing director TMB Systems, advising me “not to worry” about the Wifi systems, following the acquisition of the hotels from the administrators, as TMB would continue to support and maintain the service to our guests whilst the recovery plan for the hotels was put in place.  This was a major worry taken care of”.

Focus Hotels key driver is always to maintain continuity for staff and guests despite dramatic changes occurring behind the scenes. “Our people are our biggest strengths and we successfully ensured that their personal needs were paramount during the transition to Focus Hotels from Real Hotels. No employer can expect to maintain superior service from staff members whose think their pension plans have suddenly been put in jeopardy” comments Linda.


Focus Hotels immediately set about putting new support structures in place for the existing IT systems to secure continuity of customer facing services and TMB Systems successfully bid to take over the telephony maintenance of the diverse portfolio of telephone systems from Mitel including legacy SX50, SX200 and SX2000.

Commenting again Linda confirms “Key to TMB’s selection was their ability to work with Focus Hotels to maintain our existing portfolio, but also to produce a realistic medium term investment plan as funds were not available for an immediate upgrade of all systems to Mitel 3300, which remains the goal of Focus Hotels. TMB Systems were also able respond quickly when one of the older systems suddenly died at our Wigan hotel requiring an emergency Mitel 3300 installation at the drop of a hat”.

TMB systems internal Mitel trained staff were onsite at Wigan the following day with the new Mitel 3300 system operational less than 24 hours later.

The recent acquisition of the Ramada Hotels at Bristol and London Heathrow now bring 14 hotels to the Focus Hotels portfolio and as a result centralised sales and marketing functions are now being investigated for which the rollout of Mitel 3300 IP telephone systems will be a key enabler.

Linda also commented “ We consider TMB Systems to be our IT department and turn to them for advice on all our Hotel IT procurement projects due to their unrivalled wealth of knowledge across all the TMB Systems employees.”

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